Nat’l Milk Producers Federation Support USDA And FDA’s Handling Of H5N1 In Dairy


Source: National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) news release

From NMPF President & CEO Gregg Doud:

“The crossover of this H5N1 virus from birds to dairy cattle has presented some extraordinary challenges to animal and human health regulators in Washington. Throughout my regular contact with Secretary Vilsack, Undersecretary Moffitt, and officials from FDA and other agencies in recent weeks, I have seen how leadership at USDA, FDA and other federal agencies is well-equipped to get us through this challenge.

As new rules on testing and travel take effect today, dairy farmers and their cooperatives are ready to support these efforts to protect animal health and guard against a potential human health risk. We have offered input to federal officials on how to help farmers implement these guidelines, and we will continue sharing feedback as these procedures are put into practice.

“We appreciate the around-the-clock efforts that federal and local authorities and experts, from USDA and other agencies to state officials and local veterinarians, have been making to get a new system up and running these past few days, and we are grateful for their dedication and commitment.”