Minnesota Attorney General Takes Legal Action Against Dairy Farm Over Wage Theft and Poor Housing Conditions


Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has filed a lawsuit against Evergreen Acres, a dairy farm in Stearns County, alleging wage theft, substandard housing, and a culture of fear and violence. The suit claims that the farm failed to pay over $3 million in wages, charged illegal rent for poor onsite housing, and intimidated unauthorized workers from the Oaxaca region of Mexico. The lawsuit details systematic shaving of hours from paystubs, refusal to pay for the beginning and end of employment, unauthorized wage deductions, and failure to maintain employment records. The onsite housing provided by Evergreen is said to have violated health and safety laws, with workers living in inadequate conditions. The Attorney General’s Office is seeking restitution for affected employees and civil penalties up to $25,000 for each violation. Criminal charges are also possible, pending county decisions, and the Department of Homeland Security is collaborating to protect affected workers during the investigation.