Millennium Research: Farmers Have A PhD In BS Detection by: Jan Johnson, President, Millennium Research


I was recently listening to a marketing guru share her amazing words of wisdom for increasing sales. “Facts tell, stories sell,” she declared with a doe-eyed look of “Aren’t I smart?!”

And stories have been used to sell a lot in the past few years. I’m sure they’ve been used to sell since marketing began. But lately the stories have gotten more assertive, more brazen – more like lies – and we are supposed to be good little consumers, nod our heads, and whip out the credit cards.

You know what farmers like?




You know what keeps a farmer in business?

A good BS detector. Without this, they may as well be just babes in the woods, ripe to be taken by every salesperson who comes down the road.

So, first off, if someone recommends a story to market your product, ask if it’s a true story? Does it include facts, tests, trials, and satisfied users to backup the story? Is it a story filled with hope or fear? Is it believable? Can farmers see it with their own eyes?

Because if it doesn’t have those elements, you’ll probably still get head nods… Farmers are polite that way.

But the wallets will stay in their pockets.