Maizex Launches NEW Class of Soybean Varieties for Western Canada


Maizex Seeds has announced the launch of four new  soybean varieties to be sold in Western Canada exclusively through Maizex Seeds certified  dealers.

“The launch of these four new varieties represents a new performance level option for
soybean producers,” says Stephen Denys, Director of Market and Product Development with  Maizex Seeds. “Developed through our proven soybean research and development program,  all four meet the evolving needs of soybean producers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan across  a maturity range from 000.6 RM (2175CHU) to 00.6 RM (2425 CHU).”

Denys notes the Maizex-exclusive Elite varieties complement the full portfolio of Maizex
grain, silage, and grazing corn hybrids sold by the Maizex network today, and he adds,“These  varieties also complement the Elite soybean varieties currently sold by Brett-Young Seeds  through their distribution channels.”

Jeremy Visser, Soybean Product Development Manager with Maizex Seeds, points out that
the new Elite offering combines outstanding yield potential with key agronomic traits for
performance. He says, “These varieties have been developed and have been tested locally to  meet the needs of Prairie soybean producers in areas including harvestability and disease  tolerance. Our confidence level in their performance is extremely high.”

“The soybean research program under breeder Jerome Auclair has a proven track record for
performance,” adds Visser. He points out examples like Akras and Amirani that have had
great commercial success in Western Canada. “These new varieties carry on this tradition of  next generation germplasm.”

For more information on Elite soybean varieties marketed exclusively through Maizex
dealers, visit or contact: Stephen Denys, Director of Market & Product
Development, at / 519-358-3370; or Jarret Geisel, Manitoba &
Saskatchewan Territory Manager, at / 204-841-8307.