Health management checklist: Birth to weaning


Source: University of Missouri

General health

  • Less than 5 percent death loss.
  • Sanitation, bedding and ventilation are extremely important for disease control.
  • Attend calves from youngest to oldest.
  • Feeding utensils.
    • Use nipple pails or bottles to feed milk to calves until weaning.
    • Maintain nipples in good repair, and monitor nipple orifice size.
    • Wash and sanitize all utensils after each feeding.

Health procedures

  • The newborn (1 to 10 days of age).
    • Inject vitamin E and selenium to prevent white muscle disease.
    • Inject vitamins A and D because calves are born with small reserves.
  • The 1-month-old calf.
    • Vaccinate with clostridium toxoid/bacterin to prevent overeating disease.
    • Dehorn with electric dehorner.
    • Remove extra teats.

Fly control

  • Maintain clean bedding and surroundings.
  • Use insecticide ear tags, spray or dust.


  • Record all procedures in records system.

Disease monitoring

  • Observe daily for early recognition of disease problems.
  • Record all incidences of disease problems.