Grand Valley Fortifiers Announces the Acquisition of Valley Nutrition


Source: Grand Valley Fortifiers

Grand Valley Fortifiers is very pleased to announce the acquisition of Valley
Nutrition Inc, a dairy nutrition consulting business with a strong dairy and beef customer base in British Columbia, Alberta and Southern Saskatchewan.

With the addition of the Valley Nutrition ruminant nutrition consultant team of six, the ruminant focused strength of Grand Valley Fortifiers and its sister company, Fortified Nutrition Limited has grown significantly in the Western provinces.

Grand Valley Fortifiers and Valley Nutrition hold to many of the same company values while both embrace a culture that is centred around providing ideas, opportunities and solutions to Canada’s dairy and beef producers, maximizing their farming operations’ efficiency, productivity and profitability. At the technical nutrition and ration balancing level, Grand Valley Fortifiers’ and Valley Nutrition’s ruminant nutrition teams are also very well aligned on feeding approaches, nutritional philosophies and sources of mineral and nutrition technology ingredients.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to adopt the talented and experienced Valley Nutrition team into our Grand Valley Fortifiers family and into the GVF group of companies” says Ian Ross, President and CEO of the GVF group of companies. “Both Grand Valley Fortifiers and Valley Nutrition are businesses that bring nutrition technology and a consultative approach direct to the farm. Fundamentally, however, both businesses are people businesses – people serving people for the betterment of Canada’s livestock farming operations and for Canada’s food supply”.

With the purchase of Fortified Nutrition Limited in March 2012, Grand Valley Fortifiers entered the Prairie province swine nutrition and feed market. Collaborating and working closely with the GVF nutrition and technical support team, Fortified Nutrition Limited has achieved significant growth over the last 10 years. In recent years, Grand Valley Fortifiers has worked to deploy its dairy and beef expertise and product portfolio in the Western dairy and beef market, desiring to have an opportunity to work closely with some of Canada’s best milk and beef producers in these provinces.

“The adoption of the Valley Nutrition team into Grand Valley Fortifiers will allow us to serve, more dairy and beef producers even more effectively in the western provinces”, says Ross. “We believe that together we will be able to address the varying and everchanging needs of dairy and beef producers coast to coast by combining our now national purchasing power for ingredients, having a robust national nutrition team that collaborates well together and three vitamin and mineral blending facilities across the country. It has been a real pleasure getting to know the principals of Valley Nutrition, Jer Plesman and Isaiah Bondt over the past 18 months and we look forward to having them both remain in leadership roles within the business for many years to come. Most of all, we look forward to getting to know and having the privilege of working with many more of Canada’s milk and beef producers in some of the most beautiful provinces of our great country.”

Jer Plesman adds, “Valley Nutrition has grown organically further than either Isaiah and I ever anticipated, and we credit that to keeping our focus on our clients’ and consultants’ needs, listening to their ideas, and their requests. Isaiah and I made a pledge a few years back to “just say yes” and see where that took us and, well, here we are now in three provinces with 6 consultants, a premix plant with 5 employees, in dairy and beef nutrition, and now aligned with the GVF group of companies. As we progressed through this process it just always felt right and the future of the client relationship’s we have forged just looked brighter being apart of a like minded, but now larger national group.”