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Rotaflo Milk Parlors are the longest lasting (over 30 years) and most reliable milk parlors in the world.

It does not matter if your Rotaflo Milk Parlor was built thirty years ago or yesterday, we have the parts in stock.  We also can update your existing Rotaflo Milk Parlor with new Rotaflo equipment and parts to fit your need.

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Flo-Technologies Milk Parlors

A “Flo-Technologies Milk Parlor” is a floating milk parlor like a Rotaflo milk parlor but it is updated for the today’s milking systems and is robot ready.

The standard “Flo-Technologies Milk Parlors” comes with drive units, center drain system, a cow deck with loops, stainless steel milk lines, PVC vacuum lines, stainless steel wash lines, and gland stand.  A gland with 4 x 100mm vacuum line hookups, a 50mm milk swivel and 12 electric tracks is also included.

The “Flo-Technologies Milk Parlors” are also available in floating platform with drive units and center drain and gland but WITHOUT cow deck and loops, milk, vacuum, and wash lines.  Ready for your preferred cow deck and milk system.

Flo-Technologies Milk Parlors are available in 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 stall configurations.

GNE Farm Equipment is caring a full line of Rotaflo and Flo-Tek gland  and parts for any style or size rotary milk parlors. For additional information:


Stainless Steel Deck Mount Jetter Boxes

Replacing old plastic deck mounted jetter boxes and for new installations.  Made from stainless steel to withstand stepping on and kicking.  Fits on the base of the old style jetter boxes without changes to the base.

GNE Farm Equipment is caring a full line of Vari-Flo Jetters and parts

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