Federal Government Engaging on Food inflation, a Good First Step says Dairy Farmers of Canada CEO


Source: Dairy Farmers of Canada

Yesterday, the federal government held a meeting with Canada’s major retailers to address the inflation in food products that Canadian consumers have contended with in recent years. In some cases, profit margins from big food retailers have skyrocketed compared to their pre-COVID levels.

“Dairy farmers, like every Canadian, experience food inflation when they buy groceries for their families. In addition, they need to contend with the inflation in the price of fuel, animal feed and machinery, as well as high interest rates, all while producing food for the nation. They too want to see food inflation addressed,” said the CEO of Dairy Farmers of Canada, Jacques Lefebvre.

Link to video file (Jacques Lefebvre, CEO, Dairy Farmers of Canada):  https://youtu.be/x4MfgA41-Zk

“This consultation is a good first step. Yet, if this is the extent of the exercise with the big food retailers, the government will miss an opportunity to shed light on practices that include imposing astronomical listing, placement, and marketing fees on processors. The domino effect of these practices is that processors seek to maintain or mitigate the impact of these measures by seeking support from producers,” added Lefebvre. “It’s time to offer consumers transparency as to how these practices contribute to inflated profits for the retailers, and ultimately to food inflation.”

Link to video file (Jacques Lefebvre, CEO, Dairy Farmers of Canada): https://youtu.be/JTR-vMgUP7Q