Embracing the Family Dairy Legacy with Karen Pierik from Pleasant Hill Farms


Welcome to “Embracing the Family Dairy Legacy,” where we delve into the heart of Pleasant Hill Farms, a second-generation dairy farm in Central Alberta run by the Pierik family. In this insightful podcast, we’ll explore their commitment to top-quality animal care, the generational legacy that shapes their farm, and the personal journey of Henk and Karen Pierik, who have seamlessly blended their backgrounds in dairy farming. Join us as we discuss the significance of being a generational farm, the farm’s culture and embrace of technology, and the resilience that turns adversity into success. Learn about the nutritional focus for their cows, their vision for the future of feed operations, and gain a unique perspective on what makes Pleasant Hill Farms stand out in the dairy industry. Stay tuned for a captivating conversation with the Pierik family, where tradition, innovation, and a love for their cows converge.