Embracing the Family Dairy Legacy: Stories, Intuition, and Intellect with Eric Patenaude from Gillette Farms.


In this captivating episode of “Embracing the Family Dairy Legacy: Stories, Intuition, and Intellect,” join ร‰ric Patenaude, the visionary behind the renowned Farme Gillette. Nestled in the heart of Ontario, this five-generation family-owned dairy farm boasts a rich heritage and is home to extraordinary achievements, including the World Record Lifetime producing cow and Guinness World Champion producer, Gillette E Smurf. As ร‰ric shares his personal journey in the dairy industry, listeners will gain insights into the generational legacy that shapes Farme Gillette’s identity. We explore the farm’s culture, its embrace of technology, and how adversity has been a catalyst for success. Delve into the nutritional focus on the cows and discover the farm’s visionary approach to feeding. While we leave the discussion on herd health for a future episode, stay tuned as ร‰ric unveils his future plans and vision for Farme Gillette, promising an enlightening exploration into the heart of this extraordinary family dairy legacy. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with the wisdom, passion, and innovation driving Farme Gillette’s enduring success.