DNA-Supported Pathogen Detection Network Now Available To Midwest Farmers


Source: Evergreen FS 

Agtrinsic, which is owned by Evergreen FS, Inc., is partnering with Toronto-based Spornado, an early alert system to detect crop disease. Spornado will integrate targeted DNA testing and reporting into Agtrinsic’s Broad Scale Disease Model, improving machine learning and outcomes.

A Spornado device collects samples that are same-day shipped to a regional lab. The lab uses highly accurate DNA analysis to detect the presence of fungal pathogens that cause crop disease. The data is transmitted to the Agtrinsic platform and applied to the disease modeling. Agtrinsic customers can access the data for use in their crop protection decision-making process.

This technology also works in tandem with Scanit Technologies’ Sporecam, which helps detect the presence of spores and integrates with Agtrinsic.

“Airborne pathogens that cause disease are a multi-billion-dollar problem in the crop production industry,” said Agtrinsic product manager Scott Plato. “We will explore and leverage technology in every way possible to reduce this economic impact and the impact on global food security.”

The addition of Spornado genetic testing in the 2024 cropping season will help strengthen the Agtrinsic SporeCam pathogen detection grid and bring a new level of data interaction to growers.

“We are excited to be a part of what is quickly becoming the go-to solution for actionable information regarding the possible risks of fungal disease. Our Spornado product complements the vision of Agtrinsic,” said Spornado CEO, Kristine White.

About Spornado

Spornado is an early alert system for crop disease that brings molecular diagnostics to agriculture, providing farmers the data needed to choose and use fungal pesticides more effectively. The easy-to-use and inexpensive air sampler allows growers to know when crop disease is in the air long before it’s seen in the field, enabling them to spray precisely, – saving time, money, and increasing yields. For more information, visit www.SpornadoSampler.com.

About Agtrinsic

Agtrinsic is wholly owned and operated by Evergreen FS, Inc. and based in Bloomington, Illinois. Agtrinsic was created using strong agronomics, AI technology, and data science that allows farmers and sales professionals the ability to improve in-season crop management decisions and maximize profitability. For more information, visit Agtrinsic.com.