Alltech to Partner with Feedworks USA and Distribute Agolin® in North America


Alltech, a global leader in agriculture and animal nutrition, is set to become the primary importer and distributor of Agolin® products in the United States and Canada, effective May 1, 2024. Agolin® offers high-quality essential oil blends scientifically proven to optimize feed intake and enhance performance in both ruminant and non-ruminant animals, leading to improved milk and meat production.

Martha Baker, Alltech lead for Agolin, expressed the company’s commitment to supporting producers with cutting-edge nutritional technologies aimed at achieving greater productivity while minimizing environmental impact.

Agolin® Ruminant, the first feed additive certified by The Carbon Trust for methane reduction in ruminants (2018), has gained significant traction globally. Currently included in the diets of over 2 million dairy cows worldwide, Agolin Ruminant has garnered recognition from leading carbon methodology owners Verra and Gold Standard. Concord Agriculture Partners has also chosen Agolin Ruminant for a new carbon inset project, ensuring participating dairy producers receive substantial benefits.

U.S. dairy farmers utilizing Agolin Ruminant have witnessed remarkable results, with verified emissions reductions leading to nearly $3 million in carbon-asset payments in December 2023. In addition to improved feed efficiency, dairy producers have seen an increase in fat and protein yield.

Feedworks USA, instrumental in introducing Agolin products to the North American market, will continue to support and distribute Agolin in collaboration with Alltech. Peter Williams, a partner with Feedworks USA, expressed excitement about the partnership with Alltech and the growth prospects for Agolin products in the U.S. market.

Alltech’s majority interest acquisition of Agolin SA in May 2023 further solidified its commitment to advancing plant-based nutrition solutions. With plans to commence Agolin production in U.S. manufacturing facilities by mid-2025, Alltech aims to enhance herd performance, profitability, and sustainability for producers across North America.

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