Alberta Milk Launches Phase-2 of $100,000 Campaign to Benefit Food Banks Alberta & Residents Facing Food Insecurity


Source: Alberta Milk

Alberta Milk has launched phase-two of a campaign in which they are encouraging the people of this province to help them reach a $100,000 donation target – to support Albertans facing food insecurity through a partnership with Food Banks Alberta.

Between July 12, 2023, to August 1, 2023, Alberta Milk will match donations made to up to a maximum aggregate amount of $50,000 which will support 113-member food banks throughout the province.

This follows the very successful initial phase during which Alberta Milk donated $1 for every “like and share” of select influencer posts, up to a maximum of $50,000.

“This campaign is our way of supporting the efforts of Food Banks Alberta while also elevating the discussion about food insecurity that impacts many individuals and families,” says Karen Pierik, who operates a dairy farm alongside her husband and four children, near Ponoka. “During the first phase of the campaign, many Alberta residents stepped up to a challenge. Now, as we enter phase-two, we have no doubt that others will follow suit, especially because each donation will be matched by Alberta Milk and have double the impact.”

Alberta Milk has a history of charitable giving and supporting communities – and since 2004, more than $220,000 has been raised to support community campaigns and over 60,000 litres of milk has been donated to Food Banks Alberta.

“Alberta dairy farmers are encouraging the people of this province to show their support for Food Banks Alberta and those dealing with food insecurity,” says Stuart Boeve, a dairy farmer who has been farming with his family in Taber for over 25 years. “Any donation to Food Banks Alberta will be matched by Alberta Milk, meaning any giving will have twice the impact – so we are encouraging people to make a contribution, big or small, in support of this very worthwhile cause.”

“The challenges facing food insecure families is very real. Milk and other dairy products are important as they provide many nutrients essential for good health. For over a decade now most of our members have been focused, not just on providing food, but providing healthy food to increase the nutrition their clients receive,” says Jason Lyver, Fund Development Manager for Food Banks Alberta. “We are grateful for the partnership that Alberta’s dairy farmers have provided over the years to Food Banks Alberta and our 113 members across the province. Awareness campaigns like this allows us to support our members in meeting the growing need.”

Dairy products are one of the top requested items at food banks. Between 2019 to 2022, there was a 73% increase in food bank use in Alberta. In March of 2022, more than 156,000 Albertans accessed food banks, a 34% increase from 2021. Approximately 45% of Alberta food bank users are families with children.