AFSC extending recommended seeding dates for the 2024 crop year


Source: AFSC

The 2024 crop year started with concerns of dry conditions across much of the province. Fortunately, the rains came within the first couple of weeks in May, but continual showers have delayed seeding in a number of areas.

It is estimated that producers in the northeast, northwest, central and southern portions of the province are collectively 38 per cent behind normal seeding progress. Seeding progress in the Peace region is ahead of the five-year seeding comparison.

“We’ve seen two ends of the spectrum so far this spring, from unusually dry to unexpectedly wet conditions,” commented Jesse Cole, Insurance Products and Product Innovation manager at Agriculture Financial Services (AFSC).

“It seems that’s the way farming goes sometimes in Alberta. Thankfully, AFSC can pivot to help alleviate some of the stress this may be putting on producers.”

Under AFSC’s Annual Crop Insurance, certain crops have recommended seeding dates while other crops have specific seeding deadlines. For the 2024 crop year only, AFSC is extending the recommended seeding dates in the northeast, northwest, central and southern regions as described in the table below:

Chart of extended recommended seeding dates. Call AFSC for details. 

Clients who seed these crops within the extended recommended seeding dates will be covered for quality (grade) loss. Clients who seed these crops after the extended recommended seeding dates may not be covered for quality (grade) loss if the cause of loss does not appear to be general to the area.

The Land Report filing deadline of June 20 remains unchanged.

For more information, please use the live chat function on our website or AFSC Connect, call the Client Care Centre at 1.877.899.2372 or contact your preferred AFSC branch office.